Virginia Beach Keratin Treatment FAQS

Can the treatments be done on chemically treated, relaxed or straightened hair?
Yes. This keratin treatment from our Virginia Beach VA hair salon will work to repair damage caused by chemical treatments. It is recommended to wait two weeks between any chemical services and adjust iron temperature based on hair type as listed in instructions.
How often can the Smoothing Therapy treatments be performed?
The treatment can be done as often as every 4 to 6 weeks.
How many days after the Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment before the hair can get wet or be washed?
You must wait three days (72 hours) before washing your hair or swimming.
Can the hair be pulled back or clipped up during the 72-hour waiting period?
No. Avoid making any impressions on your hair from clips, ponytail holders, hats or sunglasses.
What should be done if the hair gets wet during the 72-hour waiting period?
Blow-dry and flat iron with medium to low heat as soon as possible.
What should I do to maintain my treatment results?
It’s important to use a sodium chloride-free shampoo, like Keratin Care Shampoo, which will not strip keratin from the hair. Intense Rx Ionic Keratin Protein Restructuring Serum offers instant damage repair for split ends and breakage. Infusion Keratin Replenisher replenishesand  hydrates your hair while creating a smooth, shiny finish.