Nail Services

Pamper your fingers and toes with one of our luxurious nail services at our salon in Virginia Beach. At Sumatra Salon & Spa, we have a full menu of nail services, and offer the latest techniques and most innovative products. Our relaxing manicures and pedicures are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Make an appointment today!
Manicures   Pedicures
Classic Manicure      $25   Classic Pedicure      $40
File/Shape Nails, Remove Cuticles, Hand       Warm foot soak in aqua therapy    
Relief Lotion and Polish       salts and scented oils, File/Shape    
        Nails, Remove Cuticles, Foot Relief    
Spa Manicure       Lotion, Polish. No exfoliation.    
Classic Manicure PLUS Exfoliant removed   $40        
with Steamed Towels                  Energizing Spa Pedicure   $45
        Classic Pedicure PLUS Exfoliant    
Shellac (Add On)   $25   containing citrus and ylang ylang    
Classic Manicure but finished with Shellac                                 
Polish. Shellac is a UV Cured Polish,       Calming Spa Pedicure   $45
different than regular Polishes because it       Classic Pedicure PLUS Exfoliant    
bonds to the nail surface and lasts for up       containing lavender & chamomile    
to 14 days! Shellac needs to be soaked            
off professionally.       Signature Spa Pedicure   $45
        Classic Pedicure PLUS Exfoliant    
Add On Nail Services   choose from vanilla, peppermint,    
        rose, bergamot or cinnamon.    
Detoxifying Seaweed Masque   $10        
Add on to either Classic or Spa Pedicures       Rosemary Mint Deluxe Pedicure   $60
        Shavings from the Rosemary Mint    
French Polish   $10   Bath Bar are added to the foot    
Add on to any Manicure       soak. Exfoliant is mixed with the    
        Rosemary Mint Cleanser. Massage    
Shellac Removal (Hands)   $10   with Peppermint Oil and wrapped    
Removal of Shellac Polish from hands       in Steamed Towel. Finished with    
        Massage using Rosemary Mint Body    
Shellac Removal (Feet)   $15   Lotion    
Removal of Shellac Polish from feet            
        Caribbean Therapy Deluxe Pedicure   $60
        Shavings from the Caribbean    
        Bath Bar are added to the foot soak.    
        Exfoliant is the Caribbean Therapy    
        Sugar Body Scrub. Caribbean Therapy    
        Ginger Seaweed Masque is wrapped    
        in Steamed Towels. Finished with a    
        Massage using Caribbean Therapy    
        Body Crème.    
        Stress Fix Deluxe Pedicure   $60
        Foot Soak with Stress Fix Bath Salts &    
        Shavings from Refreshing Bath Bar.    
        Exfoliant is Body Polish mixed with    
        Lavender Singular Notes, Massage    
        with Stress Fix Composition &    
        & Wrapped in Steamed Towels. Finish    
        with Stress Fix Body Lotion & a    
        Reflexology Massage.